VOIE Reports - Connect Full

Generate Finicity Connect URL - Lending

The next step is generating a Finicity Connect link. This link is specific to the customer, and is used to permission access to the FI and add accounts. The finicity connect link is called for a specific flow or use case (called a Connect “type”). For the lending  industry use case you would call for the type “voieTxVerify”. This flow will allow the customer to upload the their pay statement and allow a customer to connect accounts from a list of lending certified connections to choose from.

Webhook Events For Report Generation

Upon the completion of the connect flow we will begin generating the report that was requested when the connect URL was generated. You will initially get a “started” event and then you will get a “done” event when the report is completed. To receive these events you will need to setup a listener service for the generate report events. Please see the technical articles below for instructions on setting up your listener service and for a full list of webhook events.