VOA Report - 10/23/2019

VOA Report PDF Updates

1. In the Transaction History for each account, Debits and Credits have been broken out.  Prior to this change, all transactions were sorted by posted date. In the new design, debit transactions, sorted by posted date, are listed first. Credit transactions, also sorted by posted date, are listed second.

2. For any field of the report where the value is unavailable, the field will show an “N/A” value.

3. For any account that does not have any transactions for the requested time period, a message will be displayed to indicate that there are no transactions in that account.

4. The overall design has been updated to enhance clarity and readability.

We hope this new version of the Verification of Asset Report PDF will make things even easier for you. Please feel free to reach out to your contact here at Finicity if you have any questions or concerns about this feature update. We’re here to help.