VOA and VOI Reports - Connect Full

In addition to creating a customer, to generate financial reports for a customer you must create a consumer record which is attached to that customer. The consumer record on creation will require all of the necessary customer data elements for the customer to be able to review and dispute any reports through the consumer portal.

Generate Connect URL - Lending

The next step is generating a Finicity Connect link. This link is specific to the customer, and is used to permission access to the FI and add accounts. The finicity connect link is called for a specific flow or use case (called a Connect type). For the lending industry use case you would call the specific type of report that you are wanting to generate for the customer, for example “voa” or “voi”. This will give the customer a list of financial management certified connections to choose from for that report type.

After a customer goes through the connect experience a report of the connect type given will be generated. For example if you call for type “voa” a “VOA” report type will be generated by default when the customer is done.