VOA and VOI Reports - Connect Lite

Create Consumer

In addition to creating a customer, to generate financial reports for a customer you must create a consumer record which is attached to that customer. The consumer record on creation will require all of the necessary customer data elements for the customer to be able to review and dispute any reports through the consumer portal.

Display Institutions For Customers To Choose

The first interaction with you customer in connecting their accounts will need to be a selection of financial institutions for them to choose from. Your application will be responsible for retrieving a list of supported institutions from the Finicity API and then displaying those institutions in a search screen.

To get a list of institutions and their details you will call the “Get Institutions” endpoint. This will give you a list of all available institutions in the Finicity system.

With our list of institutions we also certify our connections by the type of service that is being requested. Certification includes making sure the connection is running correctly and assuring the data needed such as transactions is returning properly. You would call the “Get Certified Institutions” service to get the list of institutions and it would list all that are available for the requested report type like “voa” or “voi”. You can also just call for a list of report specific certified FI’s by using the filter in the call.

You should store the list of FI’s in your application for use in the search screen. We recommend refreshing that list on a 24 schedule using the Finicity API. You should not call for this list every time a customer searches as this will cause delays in the customer experience and cause unnecessary load on both the application and the Finicity API services.

When presenting this list of institutions in the application you should give the ability to search by the Financial Institution Name value as well as the Financial Institution Home URL value. This assures that if a customer searches by either value they will be able to find their institution.

Generate Connect URL Request - Lite

After the customer has selected an institution from the search the Financial Institution ID will need to be captured to be used in the next step of prompting the customer to connect their accounts.

Using the financial institution Id you will call for the connect URL to present to the customer. The specific type you will call for in this flow is the “lite” type. With this “lite” type and the Financial Institution Id you will be given a URL for that customer to add accounts for that specific Institution. See the technical article below on how to call the Generate Finicity Connect URL endpoint.

Customer Account Selection

After the accounts have been added you will need to have the customer select which of the added accounts they would like to permission for the report. Use the get customer accounts call to retrieve the list of customer accounts and present this list in a UI to the end user. You can organize the accounts by their institution login id and institution id for easy readability. Once the customer has selected the accounts save the accounts Id’s for the next step.

Report Generation

With the account Id’s from the customer you can now generate the report. You will pass the account Id’s in the constraints for the generate report call and will limit the report data to just those accounts. Use the documentation below to understand how to make the generate report call.

Webhook Events For Report Generation

Upon the completion of the connect flow we will begin generating the report that was requested when the connect URL was generated. You will initially get a “started” event and then you will get a done event when the report is completed. To receive these events you will need to setup a listener service for the generate report events. Please see the technical articles below for instructions on setting up your listener service and for a full list of webhook events.