Send Reports to GSEs

Send all of the latest reports generated for a consumer to GSEs using the highest portfolioID-version-port as the reference ID in the LPA/DU submission to the GSE. They use the portfolioID-version-port to access all of the consumer’s reports.

Identify Consumer Reports

Every report generated has a unique reportId   that’s linked to the consumerID. The first time a consumer’s report is generated, it’s assigned a portfolioId. The portfolioId is used to link all other reports generated for the same consumer.

Get Portfolio by Consumer

Each consumer report is stored separately with its own reportId and portfolioId version. Every time the same consumer’s reports are refreshed or a new report is generated, the portfolioId verson number increments.


Consumer A generated a VOA report, a VOIE-Payroll report, and then the VOA report was refreshed. The portfolioId version numbers are stored like the following:

  • wuvvu8qgaxh0-1-port (voa)
  • wuvvu8qgaxh0-2-port (voie-payroll)
  • wuvvu8qgaxh0-3-port (refresh voa) – new create date and version number

The Get Portfolio by Consumer API request retrieves the latest reports for a consumer by the createDate.

In this example, the response retrieved two reports for consumer A.

  • The VOIE – Payroll report
  • The latest version of the VOA report

The sample Get Portfolio for a Consumer response code shows that the highest portfolio version retrieved for the latest reports for consumer A is portfolioID:

  • wuvvu8qgaxh0-3-port.

This is the portfolioID value you’d submit to the GSEs.

Sample Get Portfolio for a Consumer response
"portfolioId": "yzn479gv112j-port",
"consumer": {
"id": "9291a7b29a983fb5661beadd91a23930",
"firstName": "Crystal",
"lastName": "Glass",
"customerId": 5000438701,
"ssn": "XXX-XX-0000",
"birthday": {
"year": 1997,
"month": 2,
"dayOfMonth": 25
"reports": [
"id": "a3cua0f14jbc-voa",
"portfolioId": "yzn479gv112j-3-port",
"type": "voa",
"status": "success",
"createdDate": 1613082537
"id": "wu07uxcss3ef-voiepayroll",
"portfolioId": "yzn479gv112j-2-port",
"type": " voiePayrollProvider",
"status": "success",
"createdDate": 1613082529

Find the highest report portfolio ID for a consumer

Retrieve a list of all reports generated for the consumer to find the highest portfolio version of all their reports.

  1. Pass the consumerId (or customerId) and the portfolioID without a version number into the APIs.
  2. Use the highest portfolioID-version-port as the reference ID in the LPA/DU submission to the GSE.