Search Institutions

Finicity has the largest network of financial institution (FI) connections with over 16,000 available FIs. You can get information from banks, investment firms, and any other establishment that provides financial account services to customers.

Our Get Institution APIs allow you to search for a list of all supported FIs or find a specific FI.  The response for these APIs provides the FI’s specific detailed information.

Certified Institutions

Finicity adds an additional layer of assurity for specific FI’s by running them through a certification process. For as many FI’s as possible we certify that the connection is up and running for new customer adds and the specific data points that are needed for a use case are being returned.

OAuth Direct API Financial Institutions

A subset of FI’s are direct API integrations. As part of direct API integrations with FI’s we support OAuth security which allows the customer to login directly to their financial institution to permission their financial data.

All OAuth FI’s are indicated in the FI list by the parameter oauthEnabled as true. For more information please read the following detailed guide on OAuth FI’s.

A list of the currently supported direct api integrations with  FI’s.

See OAuth Connections