Report Webhooks

Report webhook events are sent after you send a Generate Report call to the API. However, reports generated through Connect will send Connect webhooks instead. Report events notify you about the progress of a requested report. Events are sent when a report starts, updates, fails, or completes.

To receive report webhooks Setup Report Listener service to listen for notifications. Then pass an HTTPS value for the callBackURL parameter in the generate report API call.

Sample VOA report webhook



Note: Since report webhooks are sent only one time, we recommend processing the webhook data on a different thread as soon as it’s received.

Setup Report Listener

  1. Add an endpoint to receive our webhook events.
  2. Set the content type of the body to match the accept header used in the generate report call.
  3. Set the security on your endpoint to allow the HTTPS protocol.
  4. Test the endpoint locally to simulate externals in your application. We recommend testing with the URL:
  5. Process the test request on a separate thread and return an HTTP 200 success response.
Sample webhook service
 @PostMapping(value = "/yourCallback", accepts = "application/xml") 
Sample node'/yourCallback', bodyParser.raw({type:'application/json'}), (req, resp) => {};