Report Listener Service

The report listener service will be used to listen for report generation webhooks.

The following steps should be taken to set up a webhook listening service:

  • 1

    Add an endpoint to receive webhook events from Finicity

  • 2

    Set the content type of the body to match the Accept header used on the Generate report call

  • 3

    Ensure that the endpoint can process HTTPS traffic. Remove any security requirements on the endpoint.

  • 4

    Test the endpoint locally. We suggest using to simulate external calls to your application

  • 5

    Ensure that any processing of the request is done on a separate thread and immediately return HTTP 200 response.

Java/Spring Example:

Example Webhook Service
 @PostMapping(value = "/yourCallback", accepts = "application/xml") 

Node Example:

Example Webhook Service'/yourCallback', bodyParser.raw({type:'application/json'}), (req, resp) => {};