Refresh Reports

Report Refresh Timeline

Finicity gives free report refreshes for a specific time period after a report is generated. This allows the lender to get updated financial details from the customer pre loan closing. This time period ranges based on the lending industry so consult your contract and/or account manager for the exact time.

Refresh Report Generation

To generate a refreshed report look up existing customer and consumer id for the previous report that was generated. Then all you need to do is call the generate call for the specific report you want to generate. This will create a new report that you can use in place of the old report. You can also in a refresh report call specify different accounts to be included than what was included in the previous report. Just adjust the account id’s your are passing in the constraints in the generate call.

VOIE Refreshed Report Generation

When you refresh a VOIE report it is only a refresh if you use the exact same pay statement via the asset ID’s that you did last time you generated the report. If you send through a new pay statement then there will be an additional report charge.

Report Webhooks

Upon the completion of the connect flow we will begin generating the report that was requested when the connect URL was generated. You will initially get a “started” event and then you will get a done event when the report is completed. To receive these events you will need to setup a listener service for the generate report events. Please see the technical articles below for instructions on setting up your listener service and for a full list of webhook events.