Premium Services

Before calling any premium endpoint you should check that the endpoint is supported at the FI for the customers account. For example, you should check if the FI supports ‘ach’ prior to requesting the account and routing number:

  • 1

    Call and cache results from Get Certified Institutions endpoint a couple times per day

  • 2

    Call the Get Customer Accounts endpoint to get the institutionId from account record

  • 3

    Check if the accounts institutionId is certified for ‘ach’ or other premium service (i.e., ach, aha, state_agg, etc.) from the Get Certified Institutions results cached earlier

  • 4

    If it’s supported, then proceed to make the call for the Get Customer Account Details (ACH) endpoint, or other premium service endpoint, to get the real account and routing number in this example. If it’s not supported, then you should not expect the endpoint to return successfully from this particular FI.

Load Historic Transactions

Load historic transaction is a service that aggregates the last 24 months of transactions for the account or accounts under the institutionLoginId specified. That data can then be retrieved with the endpoints for transaction retrieval. This service is billed on a customer level. If any aggregation of load historic transactions is run for the month for any accounts successfully that customer record will be billed at the premium price for this service for that month.

Get Account Statement

The actual bank statement can be pulled for an account with the get account statement service. We support up to the last 6 statements for retrieval. This service is billed per successful statement pulled.  This call only retrieves the statement in PDF format.

Get Account Owner

The name and address for the owner or owners of an account can be pulled with the get account owner service. This service is billed by each successful pull for each account.

Loan Payment Details

Loan payment details are used in the initiation of payments to loan accounts. This service applies generally to loan accounts.  Student loan accounts have been called specifically as there has been a more particular certification for those loans.  This information can be pulled with the get loan payment details service.

See Get Loan Payment Details