Permissible Purpose Codes

One of these codes must be attached on any request to retrieve a Credit Decisioning report.

Code Description
0ATime share loan
0BConsumer Written Consent
0FConstruction Loan
0GFlexible Spending Credit Card
00Auto Loan
01Unsecured Loan
02 Secured Loan
03Partially secured Loan
04Home improvement Loan
05 FHA home improvement Loan
06Installment sales contract
07Revolving charge account
08Real estate, unk type, term in yrs
09Loan secured by co-signer
1CPurchase of Household Goods
10Commercial transaction with personal liability, guarantee or written instruction
11Recreational merchandise loan
13 Lease
15Check credit or line of credit
17Manufactured home
18Credit Card
19FHA mortgage (terms in years)
2ASecured credit card (rev terms)
2CReal estate mortgage, Farmers Home Administration (FMHA) (terms in years)
2KGovernment Sponsored Travel Card
20Note loan
22Secured by household goods
23Secured by household goods / other collateral
25VA real estate mortgage (terms in years)
26Conventional real estate mortgage including purchase money and first mortgage (terms in years)
27Real estate mortgage, (term in months) with or without collateral (usually second mortgage)
3AAuto lease
3FPre-qualification Consent
31Unknown – Extension of credit, review, or collection
4DCellular phone
47Credit line secured, revolving
48Collection dept/attorney/agency
49Insurance underwriting
5AR.E. – jr liens and non-purchase money first (terms in years)
5BSecond Mortgage – terms in months
5CChecking or Savings – possible additional offers
5JBusiness Credit Loan
6ACommercial installment loan
6BCommercial Mortgage – terms in years
6CCredit Granting – possible additional offers
65Government guaranteed unsecured loan
66Government guaranteed secured loan
67Government direct unsecured loan
68Government direct secured loan
7ACommercial line of credit (rev terms)
78 Installment loan
8ABusiness credit card (rev terms)
85Bi-monthly mortgage payment (terms in years)
87 Semi-monthly mortgage payment (terms in years)
89Home equity line of credit (revolving terms)
9ASecured home improvement
9B Business Line personally guaranteed
90Medical debt
91Debt consolidation
92Utility company
98Credit granting