Mobile Implementation


Finicity Connect is a web application that can be implemented for mobile applications using web view controllers on both iOS and Android platforms. The implementation is very similar to the Connect Web implementation. The flows are the same for both web and mobile apps and will work for both Connect Full and Connect Lite and Connect Fix.

For mobile implementation, you can only use the Redirect URI. You can NOT use the SDK for mobile applications. However, a mobile SDK will be available soon. Finicity Connect will work on both iOS and Android operating systems.

For iOS we recommend using:

For Android we recommend using:

  • 1

    Call Generate Connect URL endpoint with passing a specific parameter to get connect iFrame link.

  • 2

    Inside the mobile app, open the iframe link in an embedded web view.

  • 3

    Redirect URI works like a webhooks or notifier which tell the client about the completion of the task of connect. For mobile you can use a mobile app url like “mobile-app://” instead of “https://”