Loan Payment Details

A guide on the details of the loan payment details service as well as additional details in the student loan industry.


See also the connection implementation guide for connecting customer accounts.


Loan payment details are used in initiation of payments to loan accounts. This service applies generally to loan accounts however there has been a more particular certification of student loan accounts for loan payment information and loan account details as outlined below.

Loan Payment Details Service

This is the loan payment details service returns additional loan detail information related to making payment for additional premium charge. The following data points are returned from this service.

  • Loan Number

  • Loan Payment Number

  • Loan Payment Address

    (***Please note this currently returns in the account details object but is being corrected to return in this service)

Student Loan Account Certification

For student loan financial institutions we have certified the connections for certain “Primary Data Points and Features”. For these “Primary Data Points and Features” we certify that those data points and features will work for that financial institution. If you run into any issues you should submit a support ticket and we will get them resolved. We also attempt to retrieve what we call “Secondary Data Points and Features” which are additional data points and features for the student loan accounts. These “Secondary Data Points and Features” will not always be supported but are retrieved in all cases possible.

Currently we will provide a list of Student Loan Account certified financial institutions here for reference. We are currently working on plans to return this as a certified value in the Get Certified Institutions service and we will update our documentation when that is complete

Primary Data and Features
Specific Student Loan Account TypeStudent Loan Account Type indicated as a separate and distinct type from stand loan account types
Loan Sub Account SupportThe connection has been modified to properly identify each individual sub student loan account and not just the overall summary
Loan NumberThe specific loan number for the sub loan (Provided Through Loan Payment Details Service)
Loan Payment NumberThe payment number from the lender (Provided Through Loan Payment Details Service)
Loan Payment AddressThe payment address from the lender (Provided Through Loan Payment Details Service)
Loan Account TransactionsAccount transaction aggregation is supported for certified student loan accounts
Secondary Data Fields
PDF StatementsThe last 6 months of statements for the loan. Provided through the “Get Customer Account Statement” service
Loan StatusThe status of the loan
Repayment PlanThe repayment plan for the loan
Loan End DateThe final payment date for the loan
Loan Origination AmountThe original amount of the loan
Loan Origination DateThe date the loan started
The date the loan startedThe amount to payoff the loan
YTD InterestThe interest accrued on the loan YTD
Next Payment AmountThe amount of the next loan payment
YTD PrincipleThe principle amount paid year to date
Monthly PaymentRegular monthly payment amount
Certified Student Loan Financial Institutions
13179EdFinancial Services
3261American Education Services
13739Firstmark Services
101130Higher Education Student Assistance Authority
11814Great Lakes Educational Loan Services Inc.
13319Mohela (SoFi Layout)
31Wells Fargo
100722Oklahoma Student Loan Authority (OSLA) – Direct Loan
14551Granite State Management and Resources
102073Sallie Mae Loan Service
101988MOHELA – SoFi
5640NelNet Student Loan
100540Cornerstone Education Loan Services
100646Aspire Servicing Center
100302FedLoan Servicing
102165Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (Heartland ECSI)
12828Reunion Student Loan Finance Corporation
102109LendKey Technologies, Inc
101749Navient Customer Loan Service