Lending Solutions - 04/16/2019

Adding Portfolio ID to Lending Solutions

Dear Partner,

We are making an update to our Credit Decisioning reports – including VOA and VOI reports.  Starting next Wednesday, we will be adding a new field in the report called Portfolio ID.  This field will appear in the JSON and XML versions of the VOA and VOI reports as follows:

JSON Example

Portfolio ID Example
"id": "38dknche83oh",
"portolfioId": "68dk5chw83oh-port",
"title": "Finicity Verification of Assets",
"consumerId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
"consumerSsn": "xxxx",
"requesterName": "acmelending",
"type": "voa",
"status": "success",
"createdDate": 1477427992,
"startDate": 1414195200,
"endDate": 1477353600,
"days": 731,
"seasoned": "true",

XML Example

Portfolio ID Example
<title>Finicity Verification of Assets</title>,

In addition, the format of the VOI report Id will change.  Currently, the VOI Report ID is 12 characters – 38dknche83oh is an example.  As part of the Portfolio ID release, a VOI report will be appended with -voi.  So a report ID such as 38dknche83oh, will now be 38dknche83oh-voi.
The VOA report ID will NOT change, it will remain as 12 characters, such as 38dknche83oh.

These changes are scheduled to go live on Tuesday night, April 16, 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please contact your Account Manager or assigned Systems Engineer and we will be happy to assist.