Integrate MVS With Connect 2.0


Step 1—Configure a Connect MVS experience

Set up a Connect-MVS customer experience by configuring the experience parameter. This parameter is passed in the body of the request call for the Generate Connect URLs that are used to create a link for either a single or joint borrower Connect session.

Keep in mind the experience parameter allows you the flexibility to create the type of MVS experience you want for your customers.

  • The Connect experience will look and behave according to the experience parameter’s configuration.
  • Create multiple experiences by passing a different value for the experience parameter in each generate Connect URL call that you make.

Configure a Connect experience

Configure the experience parameter to generate one or more of the MVS reports at the end of the Connect session.

    • Financial:  VOAI—Transactions report
    • Payroll:  VOIE—Payroll report
    • Paystub:  VOIE—Paystub (with TXverify) report

See Configure Connect Experience

Contact a Finicity sales engineer (SE) to help you configure a Connect experience.

Step 2—Generate Connect 2.0 URL Link

Pass a value for the experience parameter into one of the Generate 2.0 Connect URL Links for either a single or joint borrower connect session.

Experience values:

    • default: your default customer experience.
    • Unique ID: the code for a different customer experience

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The Difference for Joint Borrowers

The MVS joint borrower experience has the following differences from a single borrower within one Connect session.

  • Financial data
    • Each borrower signs into their bank to add and permissions the accounts they want to use for verification.
    • One VOAI – Transactions report generates with both of the borrower’s accounts and transactions information.
    • Both of the joint borrowers have the same report portfolioId, which is available for both customers in the Consumer Portal.
  • Payroll data
    • Each borrower verifies their SSN and DOB to search for employment records.
    • If employment records are found at the payroll provider, the borrower confirms (permissions) their employment.
    • A VOIE—Payroll report generates for each borrower. Each report has its own unique ID.
    • Connect prompts each borrower by name through the consumer records.
  • Paystub data
    • If one or both borrowers are required to further verify their employment then each borrower can upload their paystub images or PDF files.
    • A VOIE—Paystub (with TXverify) report generates for each borrower. Each report has its own unique ID.
    • Connect prompts each borrower by name through the consumer records.

Step 3—Add the Connect URL

Add the URL link response from the Generate Connect URL request into your web or mobile applications.

Connect calls the appropriate MVS apps to gather the customer’s data needed to generate the MVS reports you configured through the experience parameter (per session).