Implement MVS Options

You can implement The MVS Apps to gather the customer’s financial, employment, and paystub information in a single Connect session (One Touch).

You can also configure two different Connect sessions (Two Touch). The first Connect session displays the Financial and Payroll Apps with the assumption that your customers can find their employment records at the payroll providers.

If you needed further employment verification for that customer, then you’d have to contact them to go through a second Connect session to upload their paystub information.

Implement option details:

MVS-One Touch

Connect displays the Financial, Payroll, and Paystub apps to the customer, who then inputs their information so that Connect can gather their specific data in real-time during one Connect session. When the customer submits their data at the end, the following MVS reports are generated.

  • VOAI—Transaction report: The Financial app
  • VOIE—Payroll report: The Payroll app
  • VOIE—Paystub (with TXverify) report: The Paystub app

MVS-Two Touch

First touch

Customers enter only the financial and payroll information in the first Connect experience. If the customer finds their employers at the payroll providers and confirms their payment details, then no further verification is needed at that time.

All of the data gathered from the customer is used to generate the following MVS reports:

  •  VOAI—Transaction report
  • VOIE—Payroll report

Second touch

If the GSE requires more employment verification, then you’d have to contact the customer to go through another Connect experience to upload their paystub information.

The second Connect session calls the financial module to verify the customer’s Social Security number (SSN) and date of birth (DOB) before they’re allowed to upload their paystub information.

The paystub data is digitized and used to generate the following report:

  • VOIE – Paystub (with TXVerify) report