Guide to Testing Within the Finicity API


The Finicity Aggregation API provides the ability to test your implementation of the API. Using these testing accounts under the Test Drive plan, you can build and validate your entire Finicity API integration before upgrading to one of the commercial service plans.

Test Drive Account

In order to start using the Finicity API you will need to register for a Finicity API account. To do so, simply visit Finiciy’s website at and click the orange “Test Drive the API” button. Then fill out the sign-up form being sure to read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When you sign up you will be automatically enrolled for a Test Drive plan.

Once you have registered for the Test Drive plan login to the Developer Portal (Finicity Home Page > Login > Developer Portal) with the email address or username and password you used to register on the sign-up form.

While in test drive you may only add test customers and not any active customers. Once your integration to the Finicity API is complete you can upgrade through contract to any of the paid plans. After upgrade to a paid plan you can add active customers to activate real-world institutions and accounts for your customers.

Using Test Customers Instead Of Live Customers

The Finicity API uses testing profiles in production instead of a user acceptance testing (UAT) environment. While developing and testing your application you will be creating testing customers that are used to interface with testing or “mock” Financial Institutions (FIs), called “FinBanks”. Testing customers are not allowed to connect to live, “real world” FIs and data. Likewise, real or “active” customers are intended to be used when connecting to live FIs and accounts, and an active customer cannot add FinBank accounts. A few transactions are generated for each FinBank account every day, to permit testing of the entire API. See the article “Add Testing Customer” for details on creating a test customer.

It’s recommended that your application retain the ability to create test customers after going into production (FinBank is still available under paid plans.) This is so that you can continue to test your application with the FinBank accounts, which will prevent you from incurring additional costs associated with connecting to live institutions. Additionally, it will eliminate the need to use real credentials, for live institutions, and the associated security and compliance risks.

Technical Articles

Testing Customer Limitations

There is a limit of 100 testing customers per partner. Each testing customer is limited to 10 testing accounts. A combination of FinBank profiles can be added to a single testing customer during the Finicity Connect flow. If you hit either of these limits, both testing customers and testing accounts can be deleted to make more room. See articles “Delete Customer” and “Delete Institution Login” for details on deleting customers and accounts”

Technical Articles

Using The Various Finbanks For General Testing

In Finicity Connect, at the institution search screen, start entering text “Finbank” and you will see FinBank and Finbank Profiles A. Select any of these and you will be prompted to enter credentials. The chart included in the technical articles below shows different username and password sets that will present different use case scenarios for the corresponding Finbank. See the corresponding articles for details on the scenarios covered in each Finbank and their corresponding credentials.

Technical Articles

Using VOIE Finbanks For Testing

In Finicity Connect, do the following to test VOIE:

  1. At the institution search screen, start entering text “Finbank” and you will see FinBank and Finbank Profiles A.
  2. Select Finbank Profiles A.
  3. Enter the credentials of the VOIE testing profile that produces the desired testing scenario
  4. Choose a PDF file that corresponds to the profile chosen for testing

In the technical article below, the charts included show different username and password sets that will present different use case scenarios specific to VOIE for the corresponding Finbank profile. In addition, the PDF files corresponding  to the each VOIE testing profile can also be found in the technical article below.

Technical Articles

How To Test OAuth Using Finbank Oauth

Read the following guide for Oauth institutions to understand better what they are and how they work. This guide also includes ways to test OAuth institutions.

Related Guides

Testing Your Finicity API Implementation

As you follow the rest of the Finicity guides simply use the Finicity test customer and test financial institutions any time the guide mentions creating a live customer and adding accounts. Then as you plan to go live with your application in production all you will need to do is start creating active customers instead of testing customers and using live FI’s instead of testing FI’s.