Get Started

Learn how to get your free API keys, set up your environment, and then start accessing the Finicity APIs.

Get Free API keys

To start using the Finicity Connect APIs, sign up for a developer test drive account on the Finicity Developer Portal.

The test drive account allows you to add test customer data to our testing financial institution (FI) (Finbank). After you upgrade to a paid plan you can start adding real customer data to your FI.

You use your test drive account credentials to get your API keys.

  1. Go to the Finicity Developer Portal and sign up for a free Test Drive.

    Partner ID and Partner Secret values are sent to the Partner Authentication service, which grants you a secure access token to use all Finicity API endpoints.

    • The token is valid for two hours and it’s required on all calls to our APIs.
    • As a best practice, use a single token for all calls. Assign a timestamp for each token, and then check the current timestamp before making any calls. If the token is greater than 90 minutes, generate a new one.
  2. Go to the Developer Portal Login page, and log in with your test drive credentials to get your partner API keys.

    The Finicity-App-Key value is used to identify your application when making API calls. The keys you receive are unique to your partner account.