Finicity Mortgage Verification Service (MVS)

The Finicity Mortgage Verification Service (MVS) allows you to digitally verify a borrower’s assets, income, and employment information. Connect 2.0 and MVS work together seamlessly which allows you to implement the MVS modules in a variety of ways.

Connect calls the data modules independently based on which MVS reports you wanted per Connect session.

Gather Data

Customers are prompted to add banks and permission their accounts and verify their identity to search for employment records at the payroll providers. If further employment verification is needed, then the paystub module app allows customers to upload their paystubs.

Connect gathers data in real-time as the customer inputs their information throughout the MVS module apps.

MVS Reports

After the customer submits their data at the end of the Connect session each of the MVS module’s specific reports generates individually.

You can easily send all of the consumer’s reports to GSEs and other investors.