Finicity Connect

The Finicity Connect application is the foundation that allows your customers to grant Finicity authorization and use of their account credentials to access their financial data.

Using our network of financial institutions, covering 95% of the market, Connect downloads all relevant data from the customer’s accounts to build your data and analytics. The customer can also log in and view their account information, send electronic payments, apply for loans, request financial reports, and more.

System flow diagram

Finicity provides the following Connect development tools and technical capabilities:

  • Free access to our API endpoints.

  • Connect supports the TSP protocol or the OAuth service to secure user credentials when accessing information from your financial institution.

  • Integrate Connect anywhere within your web or mobile applications using an iFrame or new window.

  • Connect SDK resources for both web and mobile applications.

  • Connect can send webhook events to indicate the customer’s progress as they navigate through the Connect application.

  • Webhook events can feed into Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.