Finicity Connect - 10/09/2019

Add Forgotten Username or Password to FI Login

Here at Finicity, we’re committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new feature within Finicity Connect. Our research shows that too many users experience unsuccessful login attempts and that a large percentage of these users end up abandoning the process altogether. Why? It’s simple. They don’t remember their username or password. So, we decided to fix it.

Users will now have the option to click on a “Forgot Username or Password?” link right below the login button on the financial institution login page. Clicking this link will open the bank’s website in a new tab or window. From there, users will be able to verify their credentials or reset their password if they do not remember it.

The error message for error 103’s will also be updated to reflect the change. It will now read:

Invalid username and/or password. If you continue to receive this error, please click “Forgot Username or Password?” below, then come back and try again.

Here’s an example of the updated financial institution login page with the new “Forgot Username/Password?” link:

We hope this new addition to the login page will make things even easier for your consumers. We expect a significant decrease in drop-off rates and an increase in conversion rates. Please feel free to reach out to your contact here at Finicity if you have any questions or concerns about this feature update.

These changes are scheduled for release end of day on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.