Customer Record

The following fields are available in a customer record:

Field Name Description
id The customer ID
username The customer’s username, assigned by the partner (a unique identifier), following these rules:

  • minimum 6 characters
  • maximum 255 characters
  • any mix of uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and non-alphabet special characters ! @ . # $ % & * _ – +
  • the use of email in this field is discouraged
  • it is recommended to use a unique non-email identifier
  • Use of special characters may result in an error (e.g. í, ü, etc.)
firstName The customer’s first name(s) / given name(s) (optional)
lastName The customer’s last name(s) / surname(s) (optional)
type One of the values testing, active
createdDate A timestamp showing when the customer was added (see Handling Dates and Times)