Connect Web SDK 2.0

The Connect Web SDK allows you to embed Finicity Connect into an iFrame, or you can add Connect into its own popup window. See Connect Web Popup Window. Either implementation method allows you to add Connect anywhere you want within your own web applications.

New and enhanced features for Connect 2.0 include:

Connect 2.0-SDK and Route (optional) Events

All events are sent from the Connect application through the SDK to your web and mobile applications. There are two different event types:

Connect 2.0 Error Codes

Error codes display when something interrupts the process flow of the Connect application. The error code number and description help you know what the issue is and how to resolve it.

Code #Description
100User exited out of Connect
500Unexpected error
1201Connect Fix initiated without accounts
1403OAuth popup blocked
1412Invalid SDK implementation
1440Timeout, the user is logged out after being inactive for 5 mins
10039Tampered Connect link