Connect Web Popup Window

The redirectUri parameter allows you to implement Finicity Connect in a popup window rather than embedding Connect into an iFrame.

The Connect web popup allows the user to enter financial institution credentials, and permission their accounts using the Finicity’s hosted Connect application. You’ll receive the user’s account data but with less liability, since Finicity passes the credentials without contacting your website.

User Accounts Data Report

After the user completes Finicity Connect, the report data is returned through the redirectUri parameter you specified in the Generate Connect API call.

Create Connect Web Popup

Redirect users to the redirectUri parameter’s HTTPS value in the body of the Generate Connect API call.


"partnerId": "{{PARTNER_ID}}", "customerId": "{{CUSTOMER_ID}}",
"consumerId": "{{CONSUMER_ID}}",
"redirectUri": "", "type": "voa",
"webhook": "{{WEBHOOK}}",
"webhookContentType": "application/json"

After the user completes Connect, the report data is sent through the redirected URL.

 https://acme- 89&portfoliold=90w9y4t1eq5f-
port&requestld=jhrsmfrkgf&consumerld=8c58c61c257e3e257a1d19d4d06f5e0b &c0nsumerSsn=6789&type=voa&status=inProgress&source=Finicity%2520Conn ect&reportld=quu1svkssc89

To retrieve the report data, create an endpoint on your server.

Sample Server Code
 //Ensure you're handling http requests with the GET method
router.get("""", function(request, response){
//Get data from the query parameters
const { reportId, consumerId, customerId } = request.query;
//TODO: Fetch the report here
//Note: The report probably will not be ready immediately, so you will need to poll.
<div>Report successfully generated!</div>