Configure Connect Experience

The Connect experience parameter allows you to configure a limited set of features to change the look and behavior of the Connect app. This flexibility lets you create different types of experiences, tailored to fit your customer base while increasing your conversion rate.

The experience parameter is used in Generate Connect URL APIs to create a Connect URL link that you can add to your own applications. The Connect app look and functions according to the experience parameter passed in the API call.

Contact a Finicity sales engineer (SE) to help you configure a Connect experience.

Experience Values

The following are the values for the experience parameter:

  • Default—Your default experience.
  • Unique ID—Each additional experience you create after the default experience is identified by a unique ID. Pass the ID for the Connect experience.
  • Not passed— If you don’t pass the experience parameter, then Connect’s out-of-the-box default experience (add accounts but no branding) is used, and the MVS modules will not run.

Configuration Settings



Full and MVS Joint Borrower

Email and MVS Joint Borrower



Brand Color

The brand color that is utilized for primary buttons and the loader within Connect.


Email Logo

The logo displays in Connect emails sent to consumers.
Format allowed: PNG files.




Brand Logo

Display a logo in Connect.
Format allowed: SVG files

Brand Icon

Display an icon on the Share data page.

Popular Financial Institutions

Display the most common financial institutions (up to 8 tiles) on the Bank Search page.




The credit decisioning reports sent after a Connect session successfully completes.



Single Use URL

The URL link expires after a Connect session successfully completes. When the singleUseUrl and the experience parameters are passed in the same call, the singleUseUrl value overrides the singleUseUrl value configured in the experience parameter.
Example: If you configured a Connect experience with the singleUseUrl parameter set to false (multiple Connect sessions), but you want a URL link that expires after one Connect session, without configuring another experience, then pass singleUseUrl=true and the experience parameter in the same call. The call response is a generated URL link that expires after a single connect session successfully completes.

Enable Fix

Enables the Connect Fix flow for the Connect application instead of requesting it through the Generate V2 Fix Connect URL API endpoint.



Disable Account Management

Enabled: The customer is unable to edit or delete the accounts they’ve added to Connect.
Tip: Useful in PFM use cases where account management is handled elsewhere within the application.



Disable Account History

Enabled, the customer can’t see any of their accounts previously added in a Connect session.



Account Selection Type:

Select one or multiple accounts in a Connect session.
Tip: Useful for setting up an ACH flow. 



Email Templates

Configure the body, subject, and the button text for Connect emails sent to consumers.




Hide Exit Button

Hide the Exit button on all Connect pages.

Hide Back Button

Hide the Back button on all Connect pages.

Lend Report Parameters

Customize the lend reports generated at the end of the Connect session using the report constraints parameters.