API Errors

The following is a list of API error codes that can be returned from the API. API error codes are going to be errors that need to be addressed from a development level and are errors regarding the format or body of data in the API calls.

API error codes could have various HTTP responses and the error code will typically show up in the body of the response (more details below for each case).

Common API Error Codes

This list is not meant to be comprehensive of all error codes but should be the most common cases. We may add more over time as needed. Most error codes you run into on an API level should have details in the body of the response as to why the error is occurring.

10005Missing ParameterHTTP 400Please enter all required fields. Error code 10005A required field was left blank, or contained only whitespace. Submit the request again, with valid text in all required fields.
10023Expired (Finicity-App-Token) HTTP 401 (not applicable) See Partner Authentication to understand Finicity-App-Token.
110039Username is not as per the policy. HTTP 500 (not applicable) See Customers for the username constraints.


The account is currently being aggregated. HTTP 500 (not applicable) Call Get Customer Account periodically to see the account status. The refresh operation is complete when aggregationStatusCode is 0 and aggregationSuccessDate is greater than or equal to aggregationAttemptDate.
18001A report is currently being generated for this customer HTTP 409 (not applicable) This is an informational message. The app has called one of the Generate Report services multiple times. Because the first operation is still in process, the second call is ignored. Please wait for the first report to finish generating before making a second call to Generate Report.

Other HTTP Codes

See this REST API Tutorial page for an explanation of other HTTP codes, such as HTTP 204, 400, 404, or 429.